Friends and family,

Some of you have been receiving harassing and disturbing messages and/or phone calls in the last few days from some veterans from the “Valley” (McAllen, TX area).  I apologize for that…as you know, I’m in a US Congressional campaign, and although two of the other candidates and I have run clean campaigns and stayed focused on issues, one other candidate is not doing well, and has decided to lower herself to personal attacks and smearing the other candidates as a desperate, last ditch effort to stay in the race.

This would be laughable, except that her surrogates have been mining information from our Facebook page to locate our supporters, friends and family, and then contacting them directly in this despicable smear campaign…and that is all it is, a smear campaign with no fact behind it.  Unfortunately for them, we actually have hard documents, pictures and proof of our credentials and accomplishments – which we are now posting online to address their accusations, point by point.  None of these are secret…they’re all public documents easily available.

This candidate has said (emphasis is hers) “We LOVE our VETERANS and will do WHATEVER it takes to PROTECT the HONOR of the BRAVE men and women who SERVED this country…Our SONS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS, FATHERS, and GRANDFATHERS are far too VALUABLE to be USED as a prop in some SHAMELESS agenda” as she shamelessly poses with a group of soldiers in uniform to illustrate her point.  I stand alone, in my own uniform that I earned with 30 years of service to our country…not with a group of soldiers used as a photo opportunity for political gain.  I’m also not using a group of veterans who have self-identified PTSD issues as surrogates.  In fact, I sit on the board of Healing the Unseen Wound, an organization dedicated to identifying and helping our returning veterans who are suffering from the effects of the wars, not exploiting them.

The group that is supporting this candidate is comprised of a group of self-identified Neo-Conservatives ( who initially contacted my campaign offering to support me.  They asked for a lot of documents, and flooded me with strategy papers which caused me to question their motivation.  Once they told me they were Neocons I did not include them in the campaign.  They now appear to be assisting both this other candidate, and the Democrat incumbent (Ruben Hinojosa) in attacking our campaign.  The strategy appears to be to undermine this campaign so that Rep. Hinojosa would be the eventual winner of the election.

We will post all the documents, photos and proof of our credentials and accomplishments, but there will be further attacks.  We’re expecting them to attack me as a “carpetbagger”, even though I came to the “Valley” 22 years ago, met and married my wife from San Benito, and made Texas my home at that time.  The fact that I had to live where the government sent me to serve my country (from the southern borders of California as a border patrol agent, to Los Angeles as a special agent combating gangs, drugs and crime, to Iraq, etc…) does not lessen the fact that I’ve been a Texan for 22 years, with property in the Valley for over 16 years.  It appears that if you are serving in the military or federal law enforcement, or just serving your country in general, that you cannot be a Texan, and your service to your country is not honored.

Again, my deepest apologies that you have been contacted, disturbed, and harassed by these messages and calls.  I had hoped that all the candidates would behave in a forthright and honorable manner, but it appears that although two of the other candidates and I have, not everyone has the same standards.Please feel free to browse through the documents, photos, etc., that we will be posting today, and in the following days in installments, as we address each accusation point by point, and put them to rest.


Jim Kuiken


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