Tied with the previous frivolous accusation from the Neocon group about my appointment as DHS Attaché to Iraq and their disbelief that I could have been in charge of the entire theater for DHS issues was the implied disbelief of my federal government rank in the Senior Executive Service (SES) within the federal government.  This installment will show my former SES status and rank.

The first document is the “exception to SF-50,” a print out of my official government personnel file.  It shows my Position Occupied as SES General, with the grade and series as ES-1801 (executive service law enforcement officer/agent).

The second document is the invitation to travel letter from the Department of the Army (most travel was military transport), addressed to James A. Kuiken, SES.


The next document in the series is the travel orders from the Department of Defense, and shows my actual rank as GS-1811-SES 6.  The series 1811 is special agent, and the grade SES-6 is the actual rank.

The last document in this series is a military equivalency chart, which shows what an SES-6 is.  You will see on the chart that SES-6 is equivalent to a career Ambassador (State Dept), or a full General (0-10, i.e., 4 star General) in the US Military.




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